How To Improve Your Game With The Latest Technology at an Intensive Golf School

intensive golf school

No matter your golfing ability, there’s always room for improvement. Instead of slogging it out on the golf course, why not attend a residential intensive golf school and harness the technology the professionals use? Just take a look at the below.

Improve Your Swing with GASP Software Experienced At a Intensive Golf School

It’s impossible to capture every nuance of your swing on the course, and this is where GASP software comes in. A typical swing will be captured in 60 precise, clear images, allowing strategic analysis at normal speed and slow motion. You can also pause your swing at crucial points. From here you can analyse your wrist bend, the speed of your club head, and your angle of attack into impact. You can even plot the plane of your downswing and compare it against your backswing. The best residential golf schools use GASP in conjunction with studio quality lighting, and cameras that will capture your swing from different angles. You’ll immediately see where you can make improvements.

golf lessonsPit Your Swing against the World’s Best

GASP software can provide you with the next best thing to having Tiger Woods as your swing coach. If you choose the right residential intensive golf school, and experience, you’ll gain access to a phenomenal swing library including the man himself. GASP allows you to put yourself on-screen, alongside a champion with a similar swing rhythm, so you can note similarities, differences, and areas requiring improvement.

Discover Your Perfect Club Fit

Getting your club fit correct will lead to exponential improvements in your game, and the best way to do this is to use the GC2 simulator. Favoured by the world’s best players, and the R&D departments of top club manufacturers, the GC2’s custom-fitting tool provides you with a comprehensive real time breakdown of launch conditions, down range values and shot shape. This is combined with gap analysis of yardage as you move from club to club, and further analyses of ball flight and shot dispersion. The GC2’s ability to measure accuracy and performance at the moment of club impact is why Sky Sports use it to run their Shot Centre. It goes without saying you’ll have your perfect fit in no time.

Practise on the World’s Best CoursesGC2 PIC

The GC2 simulator can reproduce some of the world’s most challenging and spectacular courses. Every characteristic of ball flight will be precisely captured for a perfectly realistic indoor game, and you’ll be able to adjust and improve your swing as you go.

What better way to achieve a world-class game than by using world-class technology?Combine the above with tuition at a residential intensive golf school and who knows where your game could take you.