Advanced Golf Lessons

Golf Tuition 2021


2 HALF DAYS £169.00 (8 teaching hours)
3 HALF DAYS –  £249.00 (12 teaching hours)
2 FULL DAYS £269.00  (14 teaching hours)

2 Half DaysAn introduction to the game covering all the basic shots and techniques

2 Full Days – For those short on time looking for an intensive golf school experience. This course is great for beginners as well as experienced golfers wishing to spend some lesson time out on the course.

3 Half Days – For those golfer looking to take on a little more and work on all areas of their game or for those visiting the school for the 1st time. With the schools available am or pm free time can be spent practising.

May 2022
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As the country’s leading Golf Academy, Golf School UK is able to offer an exceptionally high standard of coaching tailored to any skill level. Advanced golf tuition is suited to those with a handicap below 18. Our ability-matched groups of no more 4 allows us to tailor the course structure to specific needs.

A personalised work programme will be developed based on initial evaluation of your golf; enabling us to work with you on areas which require development.

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