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Intermediate Golf Lessons

Winter 2019/2020


2 HALF DAYS £225.00 (8 teaching hours)
2 FULL DAYS £350.00 (16 teaching hours)
3 HALF DAYS –  £335.00 (12 teaching hours)
5 HALF DAYS £550.00  (20 teaching hours)

2 Half Days – A shorter school experience ideal for returning clients or for those wishing to work on a few specific sections of their golf game. With the schools available am or pm free time can be spent practicing. 8 teaching hours.

2 Full Days – For those short on time looking for an intensive golf school experience. This course is great for beginners as well as experienced golfers wishing to spend some lesson time out on the course. 16 teaching hours.

3 Half Days – For those golfer looking to take on a little more and work on all areas of their game or for those visiting the school for the 1st time. With the schools available am or pm free time can be spent practising. 12 teaching hours

5 Half Days – A unique opportunity to spend a full week working on a refining your game, including sessions on difficult lies and on course lessons with your professional. 20 teaching hours

January 2020
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Our intermediate golf schools are designed for those who have a handicap or are close to obtaining one. The schools begin with an evaluation of your current golfing ability to create a personalised work programme for the duration of your course.

l aspects of the game will be covered in an intermediate school from putting and chipping , driving & long irons to course management

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